Ten Precepts For A De-Paulian

Ten Precepts For A De-Paulian


Be in time for school daily. Set studies with character as your first priority.


Keep your hand and face washed, hair combed.


Keep your clothes and books neat and tidy. Cover your books with brown paper and label them.


Do not write on the walls. Put papers, pencil peels, food litters in proper containers. Do not play in Verandhas and classroom (Skating, bullying etc.)


Say “Please” when you want something. Say “Thank you” when you receive something. If you have to interrupt anyone in conversation say “Please excuse me”. If you can’t hear your elders, say “Pardon, please”.


Respect and wish your teachers, parents and elders according to the time of the day.


Be honest and truthful, polite and friendly, well-behaved whatever may be the cost.


Accept cheerfully every work and responsibility given, and face difficulties with courage and determination. Be bold enough to say “No” when you are asked to do a thing you know to be wrong.


Be courteous and sportive on the playground with opposing team and officials.


Respect and safeguard your property as well as of the school and also property belonging to others.