Special Features

Ten Precepts For A De-Paulian

De Paul School gives ample opportunities to it students to grow in their ways. It believes that each and every student is special in its own way. School responsibility is to kindle their interest so that they can come forward and improve their skills and talent for their future use. The school is training its students all over the year through innovative ideas to bring out their hidden talents and skills out so that they can leave out all the shyness and come out to perform his best.

1. Radio Show:

Having foreseen the career opportunities that our students can avail in the field of communication, we have initiated on an FM Studio, named DFM-34.38 with the motto "Fun with Learning”. It helps every students come forward, get guidance from the dedicated radio show team, use one's talents and creativity, improve in the team spirit, gain command in language use. It opens abundant possibilities and escalated quality experience of a real studio. The shows take place during access time, in the form of episodes with specific themes. Similarly, radio show competitions are also conducted to acknowledge the meritorious performances and to select the best Radio Jockeys.

2. One Minute Speech:

This is an initiative to improve our students’ public speaking skill. The main motive of introducing this activity is to spread zeal in the student to speak for their rights.

3. Saturday Literary Activity:

It is an initiative of English club to boost their students to create their own master piece. It also helps the student to come up with their imagination and creativeness and through this we get future motivating and inspiring writers. At the end, these literary works of each class were compiled to make their own class manuscript.

4. Skit Presentation:

Through this activity, our main motive was to create zeal in a student to take out his/her inner feelings and make him capable of taking a suitable character to contribute his/her role in the development of the country.

5. Music & Band

The school echoes with tuneful music, rhythm and melodious songs during morning assembly, music periods and various occasions. Students avail opportunities to learn music: vocal (classic, semi-classic and simple) and instrumental (Harmonium, Electronic keyboard, Guitar, Tanpura, Mandolin, Tabla, Mridangam, Kongo, Tambourine, Maracas etc). We have also got a prestigious school band trained by eminent band masters. Besides, tutoring and training by professional musicians are also ensured from time to time.

6. Dance:

Dancers are trained and directed by professionals. Dance drama & different types of folk and classical dance are taught & performed on the stage by the students at various events.