Our Facilities

De-Paul school, Vidhyanagar

School Library

Library is an essential part of any school. In Hindi, the word school means Vidhyalaya which means ‘Temple of Knowledge’ and the library is the main source of this Vidhya (Knowledge), where the each student comes to satiate their quest for knowledge. De Paul School’s library is very spacious and has serene atmosphere. Our library consist approximately 15,000 books on various subjects. Besides these books there are many periodicals magazines and reference books. We have rare collection of books to refer for various competitive examinations too. Daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly too are made available to our students so that they are equipped with current affairs.

In our curriculum, each class has its turn to visit the library once in a week. Besides one period, the students are also encouraged to issue books and read in their free time. The books keep our students well informed about the emerging and contemporary trends, a reservoir of fiction serves as a means of relaxation, while the vast repertoire of encyclopedia and other reference books provide food for thought in sedate surroundings.

With the aim of inculcating a lifelong passion for books and knowledge, we encourage all students to make the most of their library sessions.

School Laboratory

Laboratory is another important part of the school’s study program. It helps students to learn through practical activities and experiments. Beside theory class, practical class is also important to know each and everything in the best way.

De Paul School gives its students a big platform inorder to create many Babbages, Einsteins, Newtons, etc. Our school features total four well equipped and furnished laboratories. They are as follows:-

De-Paul school, Vidhyanagar

1. Computer Lab

School has a Computer Lab featuring over 50 computer systems. The lab is well equipped and upgraded with software according to the latest syllabus of CBSE. The students are also well trained with the latest languages and programs according to the CBSE board examination syllabus.

De-Paul school, Vidhyanagar

2. Biology Lab

It is the place where students unfold the greatest mysteries of life. The future Charles Darwins are formed here. Therefore the school has taken care that all the necessary equipments must be present in the lab for the experiments and activities required for the formation of the child.

De-Paul school, Vidhyanagar

3. Physics Lab

De Paul School’s physics lab is very spacious and well equipped with latest instruments to study and perform well in the practical. Teachers and Lab assistant are there to guide and assist the students for various experiments. It is the favourite spot for all the Newtons and Einsteins where they research and come out with new conclusions.

De-Paul school, Vidhyanagar

4. Chemistry Lab

The chemistry lab is well furnished with the latest equipments. All the solutions and chemicals according to the requirements of the CBSE syllabus are also available for the students to try out experiments and learn practically.

De-Paul school, Vidhyanagar


A very bright and spacious auditorium with a capacity of accommodating approximately more than 300 students, find its place to provide more features to the school. It has a very attractive stage fitted with an effective light and sound system. The budding artists of De Paul School display their talent here.

De-Paul school, Vidhyanagar

Audio Visual Room

The present scenario of Education System supports and encourages the new technologies and tries to make education more interesting and entertained. Our audio visual room is equipped with Multimedia computers and LCD projectors. To make audio visual room activities more exciting the school has a large number of Audio/Video cassettes and CD-ROMs related to all subjects.

De-Paul school, Vidhyanagar

Digital Classrooms

With the invention of new technologies in educational sector, approach of teaching methods also upgraded. Now students are taught with many updated technologies. One of these is Smart Board. Therefore De Paul School provides all the ways are to make classrooms more live and real. We have Smart Boards in most of our classrooms. The faculty is also trained frequently with the updated technologies to cope up with the global trend of unprecedented explosion of knowledge in different spheres. Teachers use the digital knowledge as a part of their classroom teaching.

De-Paul school, Vidhyanagar

De Paul School Application

De Paul School Application: We try our level best to stay connected with our parents as well as students to communicate important matters easily and speedily. Therefore we have started an application for the school for the better communication with our students as well with their parents.